Budgeting in Three Simple Steps

Money management is an important aspect of dealing with life. Budgeting is a very important part of money management. Budgeting can be just a normal routine chore that everyone needs to do or budgeting can be challenging. Money management is a chore that needs to be taught. Very rarely does the ability to create a budget come naturally to anyone. A budget can be created in three simple steps.

  • First, the person making the budget needs to determine what categories need to be created:
    • Some categories would be household, bills, entertainment, and education.
  • Second, which bills go into which categories:
    • The category Household would include rent, food, and fuel.
    • The category bills would include utilities bills, cable, trash, and the internet.
    • The category entertainment would include movies, dining out, and camping.
    • The category education would include tuition fees, loan payments, and books.
  • Third, list each bill under the category that it falls into.
    • List the bills in the order of which one is due the earliest in the month down to the latest day of the month.
      • Listing each bill by due date helps you pay your bills on time. In a list that is all mixed up, you can very easily miss paying a bill on time. It is easy to miss a lower number when it’s listed between several higher numbers.

Utilizing a good budgeting system can help keep you from a living paycheck to paycheck life.  On top of budgeting, using coupons, online sales, and online discounts will help you save money as well. There are websites that offer discounts for merchants that are both online stores and physical stores. One such website is Groupon.com. This website offers the discounts that each merchant is offering. The discounts are for everything from free shipping to buy on get one free. A little of time and a bit of work you can create a great budget and save money.

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