Decorating ideas for a traditional country home

While many interior designers are opting for a more modern and futuristic look to their decor those in the country may want to embrace a more classic country look when decorating their homes. Here’s a list of amazing interior design ideas that will help your home have a trendy yet rustic look.

  1. Antique wooden furniture

Whether you put a classic wooden trunk in your bedroom or an antique barn wood table in your kitchen antique wooden furniture is a great way to accentuate your homes rustic charm. And while it is possible to find antique pieces that have been expertly restored in order to convey a Shabby Chic look in your Decor you may opt for paint or wood stain that accentuates your antique wooden furniture is wear and tear.

  1. Cozy quilts and throws

Quilts and throws with vibrant colors and patterns are a great way to add a splash of color to any decor. Additionally, if the quilts and throws are mismatched to the upholstery of your couch and curtains is can give your room a homey yet abstract look.

Embrace washed out country colors

Colors like pale yellow, cream, robin’s egg blue, steel gray and classic white are all colors that should be featured in a traditional Country House. Additionally, if you’re going to have a traditional country style bedroom, it’s best to outfitted it with pastel linens.

  1. Patterns that are bold and bright

Whether it’s the classic red and white checkerboard pattern or a soft and elegant floral pattern having bolt pattern upholstery in your home was a great way to create the feel of a traditional country home.

  1. Classic touches

Exposed beams, brick fireplaces and even hand pump faucets all can give your living space a rustic yet sophisticated look and feel. Additionally, adding a vintage claw foot tub in your bathroom is another great way to accentuate a traditional country style.

Luckily, you can find pieces that are just perfect for a traditional country decor at a number of different locations. From trendy flea markets to

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