Helpful ways to stop spending so much money now that you are a home owner

Congratulations, you have made it. You are finally a homeowner. It may seem like the fight is over, but if not mitigated carefully a new home can be an expensive money dump. Thankfully, many tried and true methods have been found that can help keep money in your wallet rather than spending it on things that are easily avoidable. Try some of these handy tips now that you are settled into your new home to assure you dont spend money that isn’t needed.

Consider Ordering your meat custom for your next bbq

Now that you are in your own home you may feel the need to break it in with a nice social gathering. Maybe have a few drinks and cook some meat to show off the new castle. Many people dont know this but you can buy steaks online and have them shipped to your house for a fraction of the cost. The meat is much higher quality than that available in the grocery. Omaha Steaks offers high quality cuts of meat at a fraction of the price you can find it any else. You even get to select the cut and the type of meat. Consider a meat delivery service to save money on your next meat purchase.

Have new windows installed to save hundreds per month on heating and electricity bills

While it may not seem like it at first getting new windows can help drastically improve the energy efficiency of your new home. Older homes with single pane windows can leach your valuable heat out of the house. Getting new windows is a great investment that will drive your energy costs down.

Consider subletting or renting a room

If you have extra space that is not being used consider subletting it or leasing it to another responsible adult. Many people have been able to successfully rent a room in their house and cover half or all of their mortgage. Turning your property into an income property is a great way to make some extra money and keep your bills down.

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