Jazz Up Your Living Space

Are you tired of coming home to a bland living space very evening? It might be time to jazz up your space with new colors, textures and design. Follow these suggestions from the professionals and you’ll be relaxing in your new happy space in no time.  Don’t get caught up in trying to replicate the looks found in designer magazines. Chances are you don’t have the budget or access to the items showcased. Bring out your own style – It’s easier than you think!

Empty your space of furniture, art, carpets and window treatments. Select a soft color that compliments rooms within the site line of the space that’s getting the makeover.  Naming a child is a permanent decision. Selecting the color for a room isn’t. Have fun with it and move out of your comfort zone. Know that colors dry somewhat darker that the initial application. Painting a room is the single largest transformation possible on the smallest budget. Often a gallon of paint, window panels and a few throw pillows can change the entire vibe of a space.

Identify the focal point of the space. This can be an architectural feature such as a fireplace or large window, or a large piece of furniture. This focal point will serve to anchor the space.  Furniture should be positioned in a conversational angle facing the focal point. Hang wall art at eye level in groups of three. Don’t feel the need to cover every inch of wall space. Select a limited number of accessories and showcase them in groups of three.  Save some money with Groupon and pick a stunning bouquet from Teleflora to top off the new look.  Don’t feel the need to cover every space with collectibles. Edit and rotate them throughout the year. One of the fundamentals of great design is to layer items, such as books or carpets. Keep it simple and enjoy your new space – you’ve earned it!

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