Master a Habit of the Rich

There is a common theme taught by financial gurus and motivational speakers. Rich people think and act differently than people who are not rich. There are attitudes and habits that are common among the rich, which can be observed and learned from and emulated.

The key to saving and amassing the most wealth is to always pay the best price. This must be a habit and a way of life to make a difference. The very wealthy are very likely to be the person standing in a grocery aisle, contemplating the merits of Brand X over Brand Y including factors of taste, nutrition and price. There is a British saying, “Mind your pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.”

Research the best deal for everything you buy.  Whenever you are about to make a purchase that is any sort of a significant purchase, for you, do your research. Do searches on Ebay and Amazon and use the Google comparison shopping tool. When doing a search for an item, use the full web browser version of Google, instead of the app for Chrome or iphone. When you get your regular results, just hit “Shopping” and then choose to sort by price, from lowest to highest. Google will do a great deal of comparison shopping for you, in less than a second.

Make use of Groupons Coupons. They have many thousands of merchants in the program, who each have their own coupon page, such as this one for Microsoft. All their coupons are up to date and valid. You could get big percentage off discounts or other special deals. Check there for a code, before you ever hit a check-out button.

Know your value as a customer

Take advantage of rewards programs. Repeat business is like gold to a company. If they want you to come back, they will treat you right and make it worth your while. Sign up for rewards programs and you could get discounts, rebates and access to special sales. Membership has its privileges.

Procrastination pays

Procrastination is often treated as a grave personality flaw. However, it can be a positive force in your life. It is a common trait in very successful people. If you aren’t sure you are getting the best deal, just wait. Hold off purchasing until a better deal comes up, if you can afford to wait. Walk away and come back and you just may find a cheaper price. You might find you really didn’t want that item after all.  Then you will have learned the wisdom, that money you don’t spend is money saved.

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