Ramp up Your Outdoor Living Space

Are you ready to move the party outside? Outdoor living spaces have become all the rage. If you have even the smallest space for entertaining outdoors, the options are almost limitless. Follow these recommendations from the professionals for ramping up your outdoor living space.  First, define the area you’d like to designate. Maybe you have a deck or patio. If they’ve been neglected, address safety issues first.  For decking, ensure that rails are secure and any nail heads that have popped are re-nailed. Apply a fresh coat of stain as needed. For patios, make sure all the pavers are even and pour liquid cement into any racks.

Depending on the space available, decide if you can incorporate both a seating area and dining area of if space is limited, determine which is your priority. Take advantage of the great savings offered by Groupon coupons and invest in outdoor furnishing available at Gander Mountain. Seating areas should include a center table and comfortable cushions. Consider adding an umbrella for those super sunny days. With dining spaces, ensure ample space surrounding chairs for easy access. A large dining table will welcome your guests for many evenings of great entertainment and memories.

Finally, consider jazzing up the space with landscaping. Adding a privacy hedge will pay off for years to come. Make sure any shrubs are planting a sufficient distance from the space to allow for growth without overcrowding.  Several large planters with seasonal flowers will make the space even more welcoming. Large planters will be easier to maintain than an abundance of smaller pots.  Don’t forget the importance of lighting. So many options are available today. Rope lighting and strings of lights can add a wonderful ambiance to the space. Let the entertaining begin!

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