Secure Your Home Business with eChecks

Setting up a home business in your creative space may seem like a daunting task, if you’re nervous about your finances being hacked.  After all, hardly a day goes by without a news report of a major retailer or corporate giant hacked system wide, with devastating results and compromising exposure.  The best way to face this is to utilize the services of a company like Deluxe for Business that has spent the last century studying the needs of and developing secure products for small businesses.   One of the advantages of using a service like Deluxe is that you can save money by using Groupon coupons for discounts on their products.  Another advantage is that you can tailor your needs and scale your economy – or as the old African proverb says “Cut your cloth to fit your size.”

As scary as opening up yourself to business on the internet can be, there are companies like Deluxe committed to the safety and security of your business and they will guide you through the steps you need to take to secure your brand. Deluxe has spent years studying the needs of the small business manager and home operator and have developed solutions to fit your growing needs.  Whether you are a start-up just deciding to put your widgets on the market, or a maturing firm with new hires in the budget, let Deluxe handle your needs and show you their seamless integration systems.  Digital remittance is one of the most popular programs they offer, and a quick trial will prove the value of this system to you.

Concerned about accounting?  Forget about double entries and additional investment.  Their system integrates flawlessly with QuickBooks and other accounting software.  With their innovative echecks, your transactions are secure.  No banking information is transmitted when you email a check, so your account is safer.  And the check is not an attachment to an email, but the recipient is sent a link from their highly secure online system that can easily be verified for authenticity.  You can send 25, 250 or the number of checks you need disbursed within seconds and never worry about outdated paper checks that expire, or become obsolete when you merge or move.

Put the century of experience Deluxe has gained to work for you today.  There are no subscriptions, no monthly fees and no contracts.  And save even more on their products by using a Groupon coupon to make your purchase today.

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